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Audio-video technika

Audio-video technika
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Garso kolonėlės ONKYO SKS-22

Speciali Kaina: 142.00 €

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to enjoy quality surround sound in smaller sized rooms, the SKS-22X speakers are ready to do just that. Designed to compliment an existing set of stereo front speakers, the SKS-22X comprises a magnetically shielded, gloss-finished center cabinet with an 8 cm cone, and a pair of full-range high-gloss surround speakers fitted with single 8 cm cones. Both satellites are also magnetically shielded to prevent electrical interference from nearby equipment. Quality audio components and sturdy build quality ensure clear, responsive sound when matched with an appropriate five-channel amplifier, such as ONKYO’s HTX-22HDX compact system with in-built subwoofer.

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