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Audio-video technika

Audio-video technika
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Garso kolonėlėsCINEMA500/230

Speciali Kaina: 458.00 €

Engineered to work as a system Components are designed to work
together for optimal performance
Voice-matched speakers The four identical satellites are voicematched
to the centre for consistent sound from speaker to speaker,
creating a more realistic 360-degree soundstage
Dual midrange drivers Both the satellites and centre speaker employ
dual midrange drivers for heightened realism and reduced distortion
150-watt powered subwoofer Fast-moving 8-inch (200mm) woofer
delivers realistic, high-impact bass
Down-firing bass driver Unlike conventional front-firing drivers, the
SUB 140P Subwoofer interacts with the floor rather than nearby walls
for improved bass quality
Distinctive JBL Weave design Dynamic, one-of-a-kind look

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