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Audio-video technika

Audio-video technika
Kolonėlių komplektas Pioneer S-ES21TB-T
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Kolonėlių komplektas Pioneer S-ES21TB-T

Kaina: 279.00 €
Speciali Kaina: 265.00 €
Sutaupyk: 14.00 €

The S-ES21TB offers a great solution for those looking for a fantastic speaker package without having to rely on a subwoofer. This package consists of two tall boy speakers with a large 16 cm woofer, two wall mountable surround speakers, and a magnetically shielded centre speaker.

The woofer is supported by a “twin” passive radiator cone. This extra 16 cm cone booms along with the woofer to provide 20% more bass, while decreasing distortion

With the centre speaker in front and the satellite speakers behind you, watching your favourite films will be a genuine surround sound experience.

Tall-Boy Speakers:

Enclosure: Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Type 16 cm Cone x 1, 16 cm Passive Cone x 1, 5.2 cm Cone x 1 Frequency Range: 40 Hz-20 kHz Impedance: 8 ohms Sensitivity (1W/M): 84 dB Maximum Power: 150 W Magnetically Shielded Dimensions (W x H x D): 220 x 910 x 247 mm Weight (each): 9.0 kg

Centre and Surround Speakers:

Enclosure: Bass-Reflex Bookshelf Type 10 cm Cone x 2 (Centre), 10 cm Cone x 1 (Surround) Frequency Range: 52 Hz-19 kHz (Centre), 62 Hz-19 kHz (Surround) Impedance: 8 ohms Sensitivity (1W/M): 84 dB (Centre), 79 dB (Surround) Maximum Power: 120 W (Centre/Surround) Magnetically Shielded (Centre) Wall Mount Bracket (Surround) Dimensions (W x H x D): 350 x 130 x 172 mm (Centre), 180 x 130 x 172 mm (Surround) Weight (each): 2.5 kg (Centre), 1.4 kg (Surround)

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