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6-jų modelių konstruktorius Nr.637

Speciali Kaina: 6.00 € 20.72 Lt
This nifty little kit offers fun for kids and adults alike. Comprised of 21 snap together parts (no need for tools or glue on this one, folks), The 6 in 1 Robot Kit is one of those toys you faithful readers know I like: A toy that educates kids without them knowing that they're actually learning anything. The lesson is simple: The Basics of Solar Energy. On the way kids (and adults) will be able to make a wide variety of vehicles - and robotic animals. Designs included with the kid include a car, a solar puppy (which is rather strange looking), a windmill, a plane that flies around its own support pole, a plane, and an air-boat. Essentially these toys are designed around a 75mA solar panal that runs a tiny motor. The parts in this kit are very small, so I wouldn't recommend it for little kids without adult supervision. What's cool is that the parts aren't design-specific, so users can feel free to come up with their own creations. Of the existing designs, I'm sort'a partial to the revolving plane.

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