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Akustikos eksperimentų rinkinys

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Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1000816 [U8440012] Svoris 6.65 kg Išmatavimai 62.0 x 43.2 x 27.2 cm Ženklas 3B Scientific

Acoustics Kit

 The acoustics kit allows students to carry out numerous experiments on acoustics independently. A wide variety of sound sources are studied to begin with and the concepts of noise, bangs and tones as well as pitch and loudness are investigated. Waves along a rope are used to illustrate harmonic vibrations and overtones. There is also some extensive study of various different musical instruments. Different high-pitched tones are generated by means of a monochord and the ensuing intervals are calculated experimentally. These studies are expanded to other instruments and can easily lead over to a study of musical notes.
Experiment Topics:
Noise, bangs, pure tones Vibrating air columns Whistles and pipes Vibrating bars, plates and bells Infra-sound Ultra-sound Tuning fork with plotter pen Travelling waves along a rope Velocity of propagation of sound Moving sources of sound (Doppler effect) Plate vibrations (Chladni figures) Vibrations of a bell Standing waves on a rope, overtones Sounds of musical instruments Timbre of the human voice Measurement of wavelength (Kundt figures) Resonance Helmholtz ball resonators Sound analysis Loudness Pitch of string instruments Pitch of wind instruments Reed pipe C-major scale and its intervals Triads, harmonies Semitones, major and minor Dimensions:                          530x375x155 mm³ approx.
Weight:          4.5 kg approx.


1 Monochord, with ruler and musical scale 1 Steel string 1 Perlon string 1 Spring balance on support 1 Reed pipe with 8 valves 1 Tuning fork with plotter pen, 21 Hz 1 Tuning fork, 440 Hz 1 Light-metal tuning fork, 1700 Hz 1 Pipe 1 Variable-length closed air column 1 Tuned open air column 1 Chladni disc with handle 1 Galton whistle 1 Kundt pipe with retaining clip 5 g Lycopodium powder in sprinkling cellar 1 Metallophone with beater 1 Rope for demonstrating waves 1 Helmholtz resonator, 70 mm dia. 1 Helmholtz resonator, 52 mm dia. 1 Helmholtz resonator, 40 mm dia. 1 Helmholtz resonator, 34 mm dia. 1 Screw clamp 1 Plastic block 1 Plunger

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