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Elektrometras (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

Speciali Kaina: 220.95 €


Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1001025 [U8531408-230] Svoris 0.579 kg Išmatavimai 110 x 170 x 30 cm Ženklas 3B Scientific

Electrometer (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

Impedance converter with high-resistance input for measuring extremely small charges and currents. The input signal is converted into a proportional voltage, which can then be measured with an external voltmeter. During the measurement the potentials of the electrometer and the experimenter must be matched by using a metal rod connected to earth. Includes a 12-V AC plug-in power supply.

Possible experiment topics:
Measurement of charge and voltage in electrostatics Measurement of charge and voltage for a plate capacitor Ionisation of air by burning gases or α radiation Hallwachs effect (external photoelectric effect)
Electrometer gain factor: 1.00 Input resistance: >1012 Ω Output resistance:

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