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Elektrostatikos komplektas moksleiviui

Speciali Kaina: 628.23 €

Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1009883 [U60060] Svoris 2.26 kg Ženklas 3B Scientific
Student Kit – Electrostatics Set of apparatus for carrying out 15 basic student experiments on electrostatics. Including electroscope, charge indicator, charge storage unit and Piezo charger. In a robust Gratnells tray with foam inserts molded to the shapes of the items and a transparent lid. Includes a CD with instructions for the experiments. The experiments are designed to occupy as little space as possible in the apparatus frame, while remaining clear and easy to perform.

1 Stand base
1 Apparatus frame
2 Aluminium rods
1 Aluminium rod with magnet
1 Electroscope
1 Plastic plate, angled
1 Plastic rod
1 Glass rod
1 Conductor body
1 Set of needles
1 Spinner
1 Pendulum bob (polystyrene)
1 Screw-on needle
1 Set of plasticine
2 Experiment leads
1 Set of balloons
1 Set of papers with 1 plastic cloth
1 Set of metal strips
1 Piezo charger
1 Faraday cage
1 Faraday cup
1 Charge indicator
1 Charge storage unit
2 Capacitor plates
1 Dielectric

Includes 15 experiments on the subject of electrostatics:
• Electrostatic charging of hair
• Forces on uncharged particles
• Charge indicator
• Forces between charged bodies
• Build your own electroscope
• Electroscope
• “Shock of hair”
• Demonstrating charge on a capacitor
• “Charge pendulum”
• “Spinner”
• Charging due to induction
• Transfer of charge using a “charge spoon”
• Faraday’s cup
• Faraday’s cage
• Plate capacitor

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