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Kröncke optikos eksperimentų rinkinys (115 V/60 Hz)

Speciali Kaina: 730.72 €

Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1009931 [U8477120-115] Svoris 4.9 kg Išmatavimai 110.0 x 16.0 x 10.2 cm Ženklas 3B Scientific
Kröncke Optics Experiment Kit (115V/60 Hz) The Kröncke optical system provides robust reliability and offers all the precision needed for student exercises and practical courses in numerous experiments on ray and wave optics. The experiments are carried out in traditional fashion using the white light of a halogen lamp, the filament of which can be projected through an adjustable slit to observe interference in particular. All optical components are mounted in diaphragms with no stems and can easily be adjusted vertically and with precision into the optical light path when mounted on optical riders. Optical riders can freely move on the U-profile rail of an optical bench and can be attached with a minimum of force.

Ray optics:
Pinhole camera Imaging with converging lenses Image aberrations Images in the eye (eye model) Correction of vision Magnifying glasses Microscopes Astronomical telescopes Terrestrial telescopes Slide projectors Contents: 1 Optical lamp 1 Transformer 12 V, 25 VA 1 Optical bench, 1000 mm 6 Optical slides 2 Clamps 2 Converging lenses, f = 50 mm 2 Converging lenses, f = 100 mm 2 Converging lenses, f = 150 mm 1 Converging lens, f = 300 mm 1 Converging lens, f = 500 mm 1 Diverging lens, f=-100 mm 1 Diverging lens, f=-500 mm 1 Diaphragm with 1 slit 1 Diaphragm with 3 slits 1 Photograph in slide frame 1 Transparent screen 1 White screen 1 Set of 4 colour filters 1 Ruler, 15 mm 1 Set of holes arranged to form the number "1" 1 Pinhole aperture, d = 1 mm 1 Pinhole aperture, d = 6 mm

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