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Optikos rinkinys demonstracinei lentai

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Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1000604 [U14600] Svoris 3.8 kg Ženklas 3B Scientific

Optics Kit for Whiteboard

Experiment topics
• Laws of reflection
• Laws of refraction
• Total reflection
• Minimum deflection angle for a prism
• Focal determination of mirrors and lenses
• Laws of lenses and image errors
• Shadow-casting

Set of optical components for use in conjunction with a single-beam lamp (U40120) or multiple-beam lamp (U40110) on a white board (U10030 or U10031).
All components are lined with magnetic foil or furnished with a magnet holder and can be easily mounted and aligned on the white board. This apparatus permits a wide range of experiments demonstrating ray optics without the need for a dark room; handwritten notes can be added to provide a clearer explanation.

Material: Plastic
U15510 Plane mirror 200x35x35 mm³
U15511 Convex – concave mirror, f = ±100 mm 200x35x35 mm³

Transparent objects:
U15515 Plano-concave lens, f = -400 mm 200x40x35 mm³
U15516 Plano-convex lens, f = +400 mm 200x40x35 mm³
U15517 Plane-parallel plate 200x100x35 mm³
U51518 Semi-circular body, f = +200 mm dia. 200x35 mm²
U15520 Right-angled prism 200x200x35 mm³

Shadow-casting bodies:
U15525 Cuboid 100x20x35 mm³
Cylinder dia. 5x35 mm²
Cylinder dia. 60x35 mm²

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