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Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1017591 [U219101] Svoris 9 kg Išmatavimai 71 x 42 x 41 cm Ženklas 3B Scientific
Ripple Tank PM02 Equipment set with ripple tank for demonstrating and investigating properties
of waves using the example of waves in water. The ripple tank is a shallow tank
with a glass floor inside an aluminium frame, which can be filled with water.
The tank can be aligned such that it is horizontal by means of adjustable feet.
It is possible to generate both circular or straight waves in the tank by means
of localised oscillations in air pressure and the frequency and amplitude of those
waves can be set up using a control unit. An external counter can be connected
to the control unit in order to measure frequency. An LED lighting system illuminates
the ripple tank from above and takes the form of a stroboscope for which both
asynchronous and synchronous frequencies can be set. Underneath the tank, there
is an inclined mirror which projects the waves onto a viewing screen. Includes
a drawer for storage of accessories and carrying handles for transport. Includes
12 V AC plug-in power supply.

Frequency range: 1- 60 Hz, continuously adjustable

Stroboscope lighting: LED

Terminals for frequency counter: 4-mm safety sockets

Power supply: 100 –Ÿ 240 V plug-in power supply

Dimensions of tank structure: 400 x 300 x 320 mm

Dimensions of projection screen: 375 x 320 mm


1 Ripple tank with projection mirror, viewing screen and lighting system

1 Control unit

1 Plug-in power supply

1 Module for generating straight waves

1 Module for generating circular waves

1 Module for generating two interfering circular waves

1 Long hose

3 Obstructing bodies for reflection and refraction (prism, biconcave lens

and biconvex lens)

4 Obstructing bodies for setting up a single slit and a double slit

1 Drainage hose

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