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Šilumos laidumo eksperimentų komplektas
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Šilumos laidumo eksperimentų komplektas

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Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1017329 [U8498290] Svoris 0.999 kg Ženklas 3B Scientific
Heat conduction equipment set Equipment set for investigating the heat conducting capabilities of metals in
complete safety. The equipment set consists of an electronically regulated heat
source for warming up a heat conducting rod, an insulating sleeve to reduce loss
of heat to the surroundings and improve the linearity of the temperature profile,
plus cooling baffles which can be used to radiate heat away from the apparatus.
With a voltmeter and ammeter connected, it is possible to determine the electric
power supplied to achieve the heating.
Refer also to experiment UE2020100

1 Heating module
1 Insulating sleeve
1 Cooling baffle (heat sink)
Heat conducting paste

Maximum heating capacity: 43 W approx.
Maximum heat loss: 4.5 W
Temperature of heat source: 105°C
Operating voltage: 12 V DC
Maximum heating current: 3.6 A

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