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Skaitmeninis spektrometras LD su absorbcijos kamera

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Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1019196 [U22031] Svoris 1.3 kg
Digital Spectrometer LD with Absorption Chamber Digital spectrometer for quantitative analysis of emission and absorption spectra, for recording transmission curves and performing measurements in calorimetry and kinetics. Incident light from a fibre-optic cable is dispersed into a spectrum by a Czerny-Turner monochromator and projected from there onto a CCD detector. The entry slit is built into the casing. User-friendly measurement and evaluation software enable simultaneous recording and analysis in real-time. The built-in software for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 32- and 64-bit versions starts running as soon as the sensor is connected to the computer via a USB cable. Includes plug-in power supply and holder for fibre-optic cable.
Absorption Chamber is a multi-functional module for recording transmission or absorption measurements using 4-ml cells (10 x 10 x 40 mm³), objects in slide format (50 x 50 mm²) or objects in coin format (40 mm diam.). Up to two slide-format objects and one coin-format object can be analysed simultaneously and compared. With built-in light source for the spectral region from 350 – 1000 nm. In metal casing resistant to chemicals. For direct connection to digital spectrometers LD or via fibre-optic cable. Refer also to experiment UE4020400.

Digital Spectrometer LD:
Grating:                                 600 lines/mm
Spectral range:                    350 – 900 nm
Spectral resolution:             1 nm (for resolution of mercury doublet)
Accuracy                               1 pixel per 0.15 nm
CCD detector:                      3600 pixels
Resolution:                           16 bit
Integration time:                   0.1 to 60 s
Entry slit:                               40 µm metal
Interface:                               USB 2.0
Connectors:                         SMA 905
Fibre-optic cable:                 2 m
Mains voltage:                     100 – 240 V
Dimensions:                         133x120x60 mm
Weight:                                  950 g

Absorption Chamber:
Light source:            350 – 1000 nm
Power supply:          12 V (via adaptor cable from plug-in power supply for digital spectrometer)
Dimensions: 65x100x55 mm³
Weight:          250 g

Experiment Topics:
·         Line spectra, continuous spectra
·         Black-body radiators, Wien’s law
·         Emission spectrum of sodium
·         Flame spectra
·         Transmission spectra of solid bodies and liquids
·         Kinetics
·         Beer-Lambert law
·         Plug & play: no software installation or drivers required.
·         Connect up your spectrometer and the spectrum is obtained immediately.
·         Measurement and evaluation in real-time.
·         Simple and practical software with built-in wizards and powerful evaluation functions.
·         Internal memory for measured data.
·         Spectra of high quality and signal stability
·         Highly stable metal casing with built-in entry slit.
·         Internal beam paths and the principle of operation can be viewed by opening the lid of the casing.

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