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Šviesos greičio matavimo prietaisas (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

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Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1000882 [U8476460-230] Svoris 1.644 kg Ženklas 3B Scientific

Speed of Light Meter (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

Equipment set for determining the speed of light thanks to electronic run-time measurement.
Comprises a compact housing containing a transmitter emitting short LED pulses, a photo receiver and a calibrated, oscillating quartz generator producing chronologically precise square-wave pulses. Emitted light pulses are returned by an internal reflector and by a triple-prism reflector placed a long distance from the light source. The returning light signals are then superimposed on the original signal. A dual-channel oscilloscope is used to measure the time difference between the two signals. The speed of light can be calculated from this difference and the distance to the triple-prism reflector.

The triple-prism reflector can be installed by eye without the need for complex adjustments

1 Control unit with a transmitter, receiver and integrated power supply unit
1 Fresnel lense on shaft
1 Triple-prism reflector on shaft
3 HF cables, 1 m
Additionally required:
Optical Bench
Optical Rider (2x)
Stand Equipment

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