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Šviesos ir optikos priemonių rinkinys, P modelis

Speciali Kaina: 212.96 €

Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1018471 [U30095] Svoris 1.5 kg Išmatavimai 32.0 x 32.0 x 14.2 cm Ženklas 3B Scientific
Light Box P


Coloured light and coloured objects Mixture of colours


Casting shadows Coloured shadows


Reflection from a plane mirror Reflected images, image reversal Multiple reflections from a mirror Reflection from a concave mirror (focal point and spherical aberration) Reflection from a parabolic mirror Reflection from a convex mirror


Determining refractive index with a semi-circular object Determining refractive index with a parallel block Angle of minimum deflection for a prism Total internal reflection in a semi-circular object Total internal reflection in a prism Focal point of a converging lens Focal point of a diverging lens Spherical aberration

Equipment set for the execution of bench-based optical experiments, consisting of a light box in a sturdy plastic housing and numerous optical components. The complete set is housed in sturdy styrofoam storage case. The light box has four light outlets: front, back, and two side outlets with hinged mirrors for experiments on color mixing and shadows. All openings are equipped with mounts for optical components in 50 x 50 mm slide frames. Parallel, convergent, and divergent light can be generated by adjusting a mixer lens at the front of the lamp. There are two double-sided slit diaphragms available so that four different beam configurations can be created.

(Note: Power supply not included)

1 Light box 1 Plane mirror (glass) 1 Concave mirror (metal) 1 Convex mirror (metal) 1 Bi-convex lens, large (transparent acrylic) 1 Bi-convex lens, small (transparent acrylic) 1 Bi-concave lens (transparent acrylic) 1 Parallel plate (transparent acrylic) 1 Semi-circular object (transparent acrylic) 1 60° prism (transparent acrylic) 1 Asymmetrical 90° prism (transparent acrylic) 1 Symmetrical 90° prism (transparent acrylic) 2 Slit diaphragms 8 Color filters (in slide frame) 8 Color charts 1 Pair of connector leads with 4-mm plugs Specifications: Lamp: 12 V, 36 W Connections: 4-mm socket Light box: 17.5 x 10.0 x 6.5 cm approx. Storage case: 25 x 24 x 10 cm approx.

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