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Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1002653 [U10355] Svoris 1.174 kg

Pressure Balance

Introducing the concept of pressure, for comparing pressures, for gas-compression experiments and for demonstrating overpressure and underpressure.
Two precision glass syringes of different volumes with ground piston and weight pans on stand. Includes 15 disc weights on a storage rod for adding to plunger.
Connection between the syringe hoses via a tubing clamp, safety catch for the smaller piston.
Volume of syringes: 10 ml and 50 ml
Ratio of piston cross-sections: 10:3
Ratio of piston masses with weight pans: 10:3
Mass of weights: approx. 400 mN each
Base plate dimensions: approx. 140x100 mm²

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