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12-24V portable starter-tester StartZilla 3024, Telwin

Speciali Kaina: 589.00 €

StartZilla is a 12-24V starter (booster) and tester with LiPo lithium batteries, designed for professional use. Compact and lightweight, it is always there to solve any trouble. Suitable for vehicles with battery capacity until ~180Ah. Technical information: Battery type: LiPo Battery capacity: 30 000 mAh Voltage: 12V/24V Starting peak current: 1500A Output current: 800A Weight: 2,7kg Dimensions: 280 x 100 x 180mm. Testing functions: - check of the correct functioning of the vehicle alternator circuit; - check of the battery starting capacity (CCA); - measure of the battery charging status. Starting functions: - start is granted even at very low temperatures (down to -20C); - outside temperature constant control and self-regulation accordingly; - the high performing lithium technology besides lightness and compactness, guarantees best performance in the starting phase. longer average life and lower charge times compared to traditional starters. Safety functions: - maximum safety is granted thanks to the implementation of protections against polarity reversal, short circuit, overvoltages, undervoltages, overcurrent, overheating, under-temperatures, accident contacts. - longer average life of the batteries thanks to a constant monitoring of the charge process. Other functions: - red and white, high intensity led lights with different operating modes. - power bank for electronic devides by USB output and 12-16-19V programmable output.

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