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Priemonės rankdarbiams
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Griffin® odinė virvelė 1.3mm diametro Brown (100cm)

Speciali Kaina: 2.76 €

Leather is one of the oldest traditional materials used in the production of jewelry. The natural flexibility and robust durability of leather make it an ideal base material for necklaces, bracelets and pendants. As leather is an organic product, it is perfect for people with a metal intolerance. All of leather cords are produced in Germany and are not oiled. The special coating protects the cords from wear and prevents their vivid coloring from fading over time. GRIFFIN Leather Cords therefore stand out due to their excellent quality and supple softness. Whether you are weaving GRIFFIN Round Leather Cords in a small work of art or using one strand by itself to hang a pendant, all jewelry made with leather cords is always unique and full of vibrance.

Gamintojas: Griffin®
Tipas: Virvelės
Medžiaga: Karvės oda
Modelis: Griffin® odinė virvelė
Diametras: 1.3mm
Ilgis: 100cm
Spalva: Brown (Ruda)
Kiekis pakuotėje: 1 vienetas
EAN kodas: 4250096438355

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