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Statybinės, apdailos prekės

Statybinės, apdailos prekės
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Baldinis kabiamušis - viniamušis 3 funkcijų, 6-14 mm

Speciali Kaina: 25.88 €

Gaminio numeris YT-7003
EAN kodas 5906083970030
Svoris (kg) 1,0290
Matmenys [mm] 6-14 / 1.2

Product description
Upholstery stapler designed for quick connection of various materials, eg wood with fabrics, cardboard, paper or leather. Used in upholstery, roofing, decorating, construction finishing, etc. It combines materials with a steel staple or nail driven with a strong force.
The stapler is designed for driving typical steel, rectangular staples in the length range from 6-14 mm and nails from 8 to 14 mm long. also sticks steel sticks with a length of 14mm
Stapler with adjustable spring pressure of the ram - adjustable impact force.
Purpose / use
For fast joining different materials with nailed staples of nails and pins.
Technical data
The YT-7003 index number
EAN 5906083970030
Brand Yato
Gross weight (kg) 1.0290
Master Carton MC 24
Inner Box IB 6
Pal 288
Quantity [pcs] 1
Dimensions [mm] 6-14x1, 2x10,6
Height [mm] 6-14

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