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Akumuliatorinis skiedinio maišytuvas 18V 2,0AH X 1 - 1h

Speciali Kaina: 140.51 €

Product description
Cordless mortar mixer

A low-speed mortar mixer that does not aerate the mixture, extending the effective working time with the mortar. Useful when insulating buildings, applying finishing coats, sticking cladding and other renovation and construction works.

smooth speed control (0-650 rpm)
high gear torque
switch lock option
copper motor winding
does not splash (low speed also at loaded start during the initial mixing phase of the mortar)
ergonomic, well-balanced handle
standard M14 thread
4-level battery indicator
battery cell overheating protection
18 V system - operating on a common battery, matching the series of devices
spare batteries with 2 Ah (YT-82842), 3 Ah (YT-82843) and 4 Ah (YT-82844) available for sale
YT-82880 set:

18 V 2 Ah Li-Ion battery
quick charger (1 h for 2 Ah batteries)
2 keys for loosening the mixing tip
Handle: M14

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