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Piston ring pliers:

Pliers are used to remove and install piston rings without damaging the components.
Clamping the arms opens the piston ring held in place by the side jaws by opening the middle jaws.
Releasing the pressure allows the ring to be placed in the groove around the piston.
Piston groove cleaner:

The device is used to clean piston grooves from accumulated carbon deposits, equipped with three blade discs.
The blade is adjusted to the correct diameter of the piston by moving the disc on a flat bar.
Ring clamp 3 pcs:

The piston ring caliper helps fit the piston into the engine body.
The device is necessary in professional car workshops and companies repairing internal combustion engines.


Piston ring clamp
H: 3 "(53-125mm)
H: 3-1 / 2 "(90-175mm)
H: 4 "(90-175mm)
piston ring tool: 50-100 mm
ring groove cleaning tool: 51-127mm
blade 1 1/16 "- 3/16"
blade 2 2 - 4.5 mm
blade 3 1.2 - 5.5mm
angled screwdrivers
weight: 1.9kg

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