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Sugraduotas plastikinis indas 2000ml

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Product description
Jug with a capacity of 2000ml with measure YATO.

Yato jugs are made of flexible and durable polypropylene, which does not absorb neither smells nor flavors. In addition, they have a comfortable, reinforced handle. As a result, they are very practical and have a versatile application for measuring liquid and loose products in the temperature range -40 ° C to + 99 ° C.
The 2000ml jug has a diameter of 150mm and a height of 205mm. The contents are clearly visible through the walls in a transparent milk container. However, the extruded scale, expressed in liters and milliliters, allows you to measure the desired amount of product.

Technical data
Index number YG-07286
Brand Yato
PCS unit
material PP
Capacity [l] 2
Diameter [mm] 150
Height [mm] 205

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