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Techninė sustiprinta-armuota žarna 6 Ø iki 40atm, 50m.

Speciali Kaina: 18.40 €

Gaminio numeris 81519
ilgis (mm) 50m
Skersmuo (mm) 6mm
slėgis (MPa), maks. 1,0 Mpa

Product description
A 6 mm hose with a length of 50 m for compressed air with safety certification. Tested for working and tearing strength, bending strength, delamination strength and flexibility at 10 degrees Celsius. Max. Working pressure 10 bar, bursting pressure 40 bar. Made of soft PVC with a hardness of 65 ShA, additionally reinforced with a textile braid. It is made of an inner layer resistant to various chemicals, a polyamide reinforcing mesh and an outer layer resistant to atmospheric and UV radiation. Thanks to the use of PVC hoses are resistant to aging and have very high flexibility at low temperatures.
Technical data
Index Number 81519
EAN 5906083815195
Gross Weight (kg) 2.5000
Marka Vorel
PCS unit
Master Carton MC 1
Pal 50
Diameter [mm] 6
Length [m] 50

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