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Tepalo filtro raktų - lėkštelių rinkinys 19vnt.

Speciali Kaina: 119.43 €

Description ideally suitable for installing and removing difficult to access oil filter cover when changing the oil filter insert or oil filter for torque-precise tightening according to the manufacturer's instructions suitable for left and right hand operation for manual operation

scope of delivery:

oil filter wrench 100.5 mm x 15-pt, for Mazda, Mitsubishi oil filter wrench 94.5 mm x 15-pt, for Nissan, Toyota oil filter wrench 92 mm x 15-pt, for Nissan, Subaru oil filter wrench 79 mm x 15-pt, for Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mazda, Isuzu oil filter wrench 87 mm x 16-pt, for Volvo oil filter wrench 79.5 mm x 14-pt, for Lexus oil filter wrench 70 mm x 14-pt, for Toyota oil filter wrench 63 - 64 mm x 14-pt, for Toyota oil filter wrench 66.5 mm x 14-pt, for Ford, Mazda oil filter wrench 84 mm x 14-pt, for Dodge Sprinter (2007-), Mercedes-Benz E320 (2007-), Jeep Cherokee 3.0L V6 Common Rail (2007-) oil filter wrench 74 mm x 14-pt, for Mercedes-Benz oil filter wrench 24 mm x 6-pt, for BMW 5, BMW 7, BMW X5 V8 (N62) (2004-), Saturn (2008), Astra 1.8L EcoTec, Chrysler 3.6L V6 (2011-), 200, 300, T/C Dodge Jeep oil filter wrench 27 mm x 6-pt, for Mercedes-Benz A Class oil filter wrench 30 mm x 6-pt, for Audi A2, VW Polo, Lupo 1.4L / 1.6L oil filter wrench 32.5 mm x 6-pt, for Opel Astra G, Corsa B, Zafira, Audi, VW 1-36 mm, Opel Omega, Vectra B, Zafira (98-), BMW M43/60 oil filter wrench 36 mm x 6-pt, for Opel Omega, Vectra B, Zafira (98-), BMW M43/60, Mercedes-Benz Vito CDI, C, E, VW Lupo 1.2 TDI, MAN oil filter wrench 38 mm x 6-pt, for Opel Vectra 2.0D oil filter wrench, adjustable, 55 - 90 mm, universal adaptor 12.5 (1/2") inner square to 10 (3/8") outer square Technical data Gross weight 4112 g

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