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Tepalo piltuvėlis su adapteriais (plastikas)

Speciali Kaina: 65.05 €

- allows for fast oil filling without spillage
- great for many late model vehicles with internal baffles
- 2 liter funnel fits adapters for wide application range
- color-coded adapters for oil filler hole
- special angled extension with swivel feature
for hard-to-reach places
- adapters for following vehicles:
- bayonet adapter for Audi, BMW, Dodge, Mercedes,
Porsche, Volvo, VW
- threaded adapter M42x4.5 for Subaru
- threaded adapter M37x3.0 for Toyota, Lexus,
Scion, Pontiac
- threaded adapter M35x4.0 for Mazda
- threaded adapter M32x3.5 for Dodge, Honda, Acura,
Nissan, Jaguar, Ford
- bayonet adapter for Toyota & Lexus 3.0 & 3.3L V6

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