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Statybinės, apdailos prekės

Statybinės, apdailos prekės
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Medžio pjovimo staklės 1800W

Speciali Kaina: 222.79 €

EAN 5906083821714
Svoris (kg) 21,0000
Pjovimo gylis 95
Maitinimas [W] 1800
Sukimosi greitis 4800
Disko dydis 255x30x3,0
Skersmuo [mm] 255

YATO 1800 Watt crosspiece feeder. Excellent angle and diagonal cutting machine. Indispensable for interior finishing and any construction work - for cutting wood, panels, laminates and plastics. The machine has a high power engine and high durability, precision gearbox and aluminum blade shield. The sturdy metal base is equipped with transport handles and immobilized material. The special extension arm design ensures precision and comfort. Clear angular pitch and ratchet locking mechanism ensure a clean cut in any position. The slider has a flexible rubber cable and a chip bag that provides clean air at the workstation.
Index Number YT-82171
EAN 5906083821714
Mark Yato
Unit SZT
Gross Weight (kg) 21.0000
Cutting depth 95
Power [W] 1800
Rotational speed 4800
Disc Size 255x30x3,0
Diameter [mm] 255

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