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1259.00 € 4347.08 Lt

Steam sauna seat Sleep

Ready-made seat for the steam bath made of moisture-resistant material.
277.00 € 956.43 Lt

EOS dosing pump

Dosing pump for essence dosing in steam rooms.
209.00 € 721.64 Lt

Steam sauna seat V-2

Ready-made seat for the steam bath made of moisture-resistant polystyrene. Price per 1 meter.

329.00 € 1135.97 Lt

Tylö automatic descale

Reduces the build-up of calcium deposits in the steam generator’s water tank. Fits simply to the pipe feeding the steam generator with water.
67.31 € 232.41 Lt

Helo Thermostatic Sensor 0043210

Thermostatic sensor for steam generator HNS. Uses only in steam sauna.
70.69 € 244.08 Lt

Helo On/ Off button

Control button for steam generator, it has fixed work time for 30 minutes and led work indicator. With separate sensor it can limit the temperature,...

82.00 € 283.13 Lt

Steam sauna seat V-3

Price per meter.
499.00 € 1722.95 Lt

Steam sauna seat Basic

Ready-made seat for the steam bath made of moisture-resistant material.
145.50 € 502.38 Lt

Tylö V heating element

Heating element forTylösteam generator.

1539.00 € 5313.86 Lt

Steam generator Helo HNS T1

Steam generator Helo HNS T1 for private and public use of steam sauna. Designed based on the latest technology.
11.00 € 37.98 Lt

MIRA 5300 Netfix

Mira 5300 netfix elastic adhesive cement based mortar for embedding reinforcing net on insulation materials.
47.00 € 162.28 Lt

Harvia heating elements HGS, HGX generator

Heating elements for Harvia HGS and HGX steam generator . The heating elements have been designed to endure intense use.

41.71 € 144.02 Lt

Helo Essence Container, 20 l

Helo container for flavoring essences in steam / Turkish bath. Capacity - 20 l.
2609.00 € 9008.36 Lt

Eos SteamTec Classic

1272.00 € 4391.96 Lt

Steam generator Helo HNS M2

Steam generator Helo HNS M2 for private and public use of steam saunas.

139.00 € 479.94 Lt

Steam outlet for EOS steam generator

2622.00 € 9053.24 Lt

Steam generator Tylö Steam Commercial

Powerful steam generator for commercial baths.
209.00 € 721.64 Lt

Steam sauna seat V-1

Ready-made seat for the steam bath made of moisture-resistant polystyrene. Price per 1 meter.

339.00 € 1170.50 Lt

EOS steam generator supply fan

1079.00 € 3725.57 Lt

Steam generator Sentiotec R 2,5kW

Sentiotec R - reliable steam generator, easy to maintain, perfect for public and private sauna.
64.89 € 224.05 Lt

Helo Light Adapter 0043214

Light adapter for MIDI control unit.

149.00 € 514.47 Lt

EOS steam sauna ventilation fan

1669.00 € 5762.72 Lt

Tylö Steam Generator 2 / 4 / 6 VB

A compact steam generator with the same high quality materials, functions and features as the VA, but with a smaller water tank to ensure rapid...
3259.00 € 11252.68 Lt

Eos SteamTec Premium

Steam generator from EOS "SteamTec Premium " is a high performance steam generator - ideal as a combination with a sauna heater.

6472.00 € 22346.52 Lt

EOS E-Cool Wall flaked ice machine

Automatic flake ice machine for concealed installation.
56.00 € 193.36 Lt

EOS Steam outlet

Steam outlet for steam generators EOS SteamRock.
277.00 € 956.43 Lt

Helo drain valve

Automatically drains water tank after every use, reducing limescale and minimising downtime for service.

73.46 € 253.64 Lt

Helo heating element SEPD

Helo Heating element for steam generator.
51.96 € 179.41 Lt

Steam generator Helo On/ Off button

153.00 € 528.28 Lt

Harvia Steam Nozzle ZG-520, Silent

The Harvia Silent is a silent steam nozzle equipped with a glass cover and included.

850.00 € 2934.88 Lt

Tylö Fresh Basic

Fragrance dispenser for saunas, steam baths and wherever else Tylö’s aromatic essences may be needed.
507.00 € 1750.57 Lt

Helo smells pump

Helo smells pump automatically releases aromatic essences into the steam pipe. This additional facility to make representations Helo steam...
2504.00 € 8645.81 Lt

Steam generator Tylö VA

Powerful, fully automatic steam generator with large water capacity, so it is ideal for public ( commercial ) baths. Necessary electrical and water...

3485.00 € 12033.01 Lt

EOS SteamRock Basic steam generator

Steam generator for steam rooms.For domestic and commercial use.
196.00 € 676.75 Lt

Harvia Eukalyptus Steam Fragnance 20 L

The luxurious Harvia Eucalyptus fragrance for steam room makes the pampering steam room experience even better than before.
26.00 € 89.77 Lt

Helo Steam Nozzle

The additional steam nozzle for getting more steam.

1875.00 € 6474.00 Lt

Steam generator Tylö Steam Home

Powerful steam generator for private baths.
1769.00 € 6108.00 Lt

Eos AromaTec, 1 fragnance

Automatic sauna infusion. The system can be controlled via the internal control system, a button or via an external autotimer.
549.00 € 1895.59 Lt

Tylö fragrance dispenser

Tylö fragrance dispenser lets you enjoy aroma baths where you can truly sit back and relax. The fragrance dispenser is now available as an option...

448.50 € 1548.58 Lt

Tylö steam bench white I66

Ergonomic and easily portable steam bench. Attention! The price is for one bench!
9.97 € 34.42 Lt

Helo Water Test

5099.00 € 17605.83 Lt

Eos Sol-Tec SL

Dosing station for spraying the brine solution in dry rooms. Control casing with microprocessor control system. Hose pump with rotational speed...

3179.00 € 10976.45 Lt

Eos AromaTec, 3 fragnances

Automatic sauna infusion. The system can be controlled via the internal control system, a button or via an external autotimer.
3019.00 € 10424.00 Lt

Harvia Helix HGP Pro

Steam generator kit consists of an electronic control unit, safety valve, automatic flushing valve , temperature sensor and the steam nozzle.
2361.00 € 8152.06 Lt

EOS Duft-Tec Quattro W

Dosing system for steam rooms.