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Statybinės, apdailos prekės
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Silikoninis tepalas PVC vamzdžiams ir jungiamosioms detalėms 250g

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Product description
Silicon based slip paste for PVC pipes and fittings. Thanks to its properties, it is probably the most-preferred paste. For many, universally applicable also for other types of pipes - concrete, stoneware and cast iron.
SKIDOL® provides a perfect slip when connecting plastic pipes and fittings - PVC. Thanks to it, the number of broken goblets and damaged gaskets drops to zero. SKIDOL also works well for cast iron, concrete and stoneware pipes.
The lubricant is based on silicone and therefore maintains the pipe gaskets.
SKIDOL is frost-proof even up to -30 ° C. At lower temperatures, it gradually freezes, but after defrosting it returns to its normal consistency. Such high frost resistance is important not only due to the use in negative temperatures, but also transport and storage, which often take place in unheated shelters / tents at wholesalers.
The agent has PZH approval and can be used in waterworks.
Available in a 250g bottle
Purpose / use
Slip paste for easy assembly of PVC pipes and fittings. Made on the basis of silicone, it is also used for preserving rubber gaskets.
Technical data
EAN 5906083867705
Brand Skidol
PCS unit
Gross weight (kg) 0.2780
Weight [g] 250

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