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Italian IEC Mains Cable, 0.7m

Speciali Kaina: 5.43 €

Connector A: Italian Mains Plug Connector B: IEC C13 Cable type: H05-VVF 3G*1.00mm² Colour: Black 10 years warranty LINDY power cables are perfect for use in professional areas (recording studios, light systems and also for event locations of any kind, etc.) – but you can also use them in private sections. Due to the high temperature resistance from -10 to 70°C during the operation these cables can also be used in non air-conditioned areas.
Number of wires: 3 Wire cross-section: 1.00mm² Available lengths: 0.7m - 5m Operating temperature: ca. -10 to 70°C Storage temperature: ca. -25 to 70°C Note: Only for use in dry areas!

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