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Stirlingo variklis, G modelis

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Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1002594 [U10050] Svoris 1.89 kg Išmatavimai 31.0 x 23.1 x 25.1 cm Ženklas 3B Scientific

Stirling Engine G

The Transparent Stirling Engine is ideal for quantitative investigations of cyclic thermodynamic processes and specifically for understanding the Stirling cycle. The integrated generator has a two stage belt pulley and is equipped with a switchover option for operating an integrated lamp, external loads, or demonstrating the processes of a heat pump or refrigerator. Includes integrated engine generator and alcohol burner. Fuel not included; please use methylated-spirits, i.e. denatured alcohol.
Refer also to experiment UE2060250.


Recessed temperature measurement sockets Light barrier on flywheel Connection for pressure measurements String to measure the stroke of the power piston and determine volume Displacement cylinder and piston made of heat resistant glass Power cylinder, flywheel, and gearbox covers made of acrylic glass

Experimental topics:
Heat engines and heat pumps Interdependence of gas temperature, pressure, volume Investigate pressure-volume (pV) diagrams and Carnot cycles Conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy Engine efficiencies and thermodynamic losses
Power: 1 – 4 W
Idling speed: 1000 rpm
Flywheel: 140 mm dia.
Power cylinder: 25 mm dia.
Stroke of the power piston: 24 mm
Gas volume: 32 cm³ – 44 cm³
Motor generator unit: max. 12 V DC, 0.43 A
Belt pulley: two stage (30 mm dia., 19 mm dia.)

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