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Stirlingo variklis, paprastasis

Speciali Kaina: 359.37 €

Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1003505 [U49327] Svoris 0.65 kg Išmatavimai 18 x 11 cm
Simple Stirling Engine The Simple Stirling Engine is affordable and comes complete with built-in alcohol burner. Fuel not included; please use methylated-spirits, i.e. denatured alcohol.

• Red flywheels
• Chassis mounted on a green base
• All-metal engine
• Runs silently at 1,000 RPM

The Simple Stirling Engine demonstrates the cyclic process discovered by Dr. Robert Stirling as well as the function of a classical heat engine. It comes completely assembled and ready to run, accompanied by the book “Stirling Cycle Engines” which explains the principles of operation.

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