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Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1008662 [U20050] Svoris 2.589 kg
Torsion Axle Experiment topics:
• Rotary oscillations
• Determination of moments of inertia using the oscillation method
• Moments of inertia of various geometric bodies
• Steiner's theorem

Axle for investigating rotational oscillation of various test bodies and for determining their moments of inertia from the period of oscillation. With ball-bearing mounted shaft, coil spring and holding lug. The test body is a bar with weights that can be moved along its length and a circular disc with one hole in the centre and eight away from the centre for determining moments of inertia for eccentric axes of rotation and confirming Steiner’s theorem.
Deflecting torque of the spring: 0.028 Nm/rad.
Height of the torsional axle: approx. 200 mm
Cross bar:
Length: 620 mm
Weight: 135 g
Weights: 260 g each
Diameter: 320 mm
Weight: 495 g
Boreholes: 8
Borehole spacing: 20 mm

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