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Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1006785 [U8405715] Svoris 1.24 kg Ženklas 3B Scientific
Rotation Apparatus Rotating apparatus for determining angular acceleration as a function of the torque and for determining the moment of inertia depending on mass and distance from an axis.
An axle on agate bearings supports a cross bar to which weights can be attached. The force from a driving weight is conveyed to the axle via a string wrapped around the axle and passed over a pulley and a second multiple pulley on the axle itself.
Length of crossbar: 600 mm
Radii of multiple pulley: 4.5 mm / 9.0 mm
Driving weights: 10 g / 20 g / 30 g / 40 g / 50g
Inertial mass of disc(s): 100 g / 200 g / 300 g
Dimensions of base plate: 200 x 140 mm 2
Total weight: 1.3 kg approx.

1 Basic apparatus
2 100-g discs
2 200-g discs
1 Holder for slotted weights 10 g
2 Slotted weights10 g
1 Slotted weight 20 g
1 Pulley
1 Roll of string

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