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Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1008528 [U8502000] Svoris 2.7 kg Išmatavimai 45.2 x 33.8 x 18.0 cm Ženklas 3B Scientific
SEK Heat Set of equipment for carrying out 22 student experiments on thermodynamics and heat. Comes with comprehensive student and instructor experiment manuals and instructions. In a tough plastic tray containing a foam insert with cut-outs for the equipment and featuring a transparent lid. Experiments are set up and performed on the  SEK Base Plate 1000789 (U8408035) so that they are compact but still clear in their layout and objectives.

1 Stand rod with internal and external threads, 400 mm 4 Wooden rods 1 Metal tube, short 1 Pointer/hook 1 Stirrer 1 Steel tube 1 Brass tube 1 Aluminium tube 1 Thermometer without scale, red liquid 2 Thermometers, -10 − 110°C, 1 K, red liquid 1 Capillary tube 1 Bimetal strip with 10-mm stub 10 Round filters 10 Sheets of thermal paper 1 Steel body 1 Lead body 1 Spirit burner 1 Beaker, 100 ml 1 Conical flask, 100 ml 1 Test tube holder with rod attachment 1 Test tube 1 Measuring cylinder, 50 ml 1 Calorimeter with heating filament, 200 ml 1 Rubber stopper with two holes 2 Rubber stoppers with one hole 1 10 g weight with hook 2 Double clamps 1 Bottle of food colouring plus pipette 10 g of table salt 1 Holder for metal beaker 1 Metal beaker, black 1 Metal beaker, aluminium 4 g of glycerine 1 Hose 2 Round gaskets  1 Angle scale 10 Sheets of paper 5 Sheets of aluminium foil Includes 22 Experiments on the Subject of Heat:
Change in the volume of liquids due to heating Calibration of a thermometer Change in the volume of air due to changes in temperature Changes in state of an enclosed volume of air Changes in the length of solid bodies when heated Linear expansion coefficient Investigations using bimetal strips Transfer of heat in solid bodies Transfer of heat in liquids Transfer of heat in gases Radiation of heat Slowing down the transport of heat Temperature changes when liquids are heated Fundamental equation of thermodynamics Mixing water of differing temperatures, temperature of mixture Specific heat capacity of a calorimeter Specific heat capacity of metals Initial temperature of a metal body heated in a flame Conversion of electrical energy into heat Temperature changes when ice melts Specific latent heat of melting ice Boiling and condensation of water Distillation Evaporation of liquids (what it depends on and heat loss due to evaporation)

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