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Informacija apie prekę Prekės kodas 1016651 [U61010-230] Svoris 2.472 kg Ženklas 3B Scientific
SEK Ultrasonic Waves (230 V, 50/60 Hz) Note: The 1014529 SEK Ultrasonic Waves is for operation with a mains voltage of 115 V (±10%), and the 1016651 set is for operation with a mains voltage of 230 V (±10%).

Extensive equipment set incorporating 30 student experiments for demonstrating the fundamental properties of waves using the example of 40 kHz ultrasonic waves. Stored in a tough Gratnell's tray with foam inlay.
Includes two ultrasonic transmitters, a rod-shaped microphonic sensor for recording and analysing oscillations using a standard oscilloscope and an ultrasonic pen for recording wave fronts along the desktop in the form of lines of the same phase (isophases). In order to measure ultrasonic amplitudes, it is sufficient in many cases to use an analogue voltmeter.
1 Ultrasonic control unit
2 Ultrasonic transmitters, 40 kHz
1 Ultrasonic pen
1 Holder for ultrasonic pen
1 Holder base for ultrasonic pen
1 Microphone probe
2 Beam splitters
3 Clamps for beam splitters
1 Fresnel zone plate
1 Concave mirrors
2 Side pieces for double slit/reflectors
1 Centre post for double slit
1 Clap for double slit
1 Ultrasonic absorber
2 BNC cables, 1 m
1 Cable, BNC/4-mm
1 Plug-in power supply

Includes instruction for 30 experiments on CD Display of sound oscillations on an oscilloscope * Relationship between oscillations and waves * Comparison of oscillations at two points along a wave * Analysis of phase relationships using an ultrasonic “pen” * Determination of wavelength and velocity of sound How velocity of sound depends on temperature Transmission characteristic of ultrasonic transmitters ** Resonance curve for ultrasonic transducers * Transmission and reflection of ultrasonic waves ** Absorption of ultrasonic waves ** Superimposition of sinusoidal oscillations * Constructive and destructive reinforcement when sinusoidal oscillations are superimposed * Recording of wave fronts using ultrasonic pen Generation and detection of straight wave fronts Diffraction of ultrasonic waves by an edge Diffraction of ultrasonic waves by a single slit Interference between two beams ** Law of reciprocity for interference between two beams ** Diffraction by a double slit ** Phase relationships for diffraction by a double slit I * Phase relationships for diffraction by a double slit I ** Formation of images by a spherical concave mirror ** Plotting of Fresnel zones ** Formation of images by a Fresnel zone plate ** Interference of ultrasonic waves by Lloyd’s mirror ** Design of a simple interferometer ** Design of a Michelson interferometer ** Elimination of interference by interrupting the path * Generation of standing ultrasonic waves ** Beats in ultrasonic waves * Doppler effect in ultrasonic waves
Dual-channel oscilloscope (for experiments marked *)
e.g. 1020857 PC Oscilloscope 2x25 MHz

Analogue-Multimeter (for experiments marked **)
e.g. 1013526 Analogue Multimeter ESCOLA 30 suitable for measuring alternating voltages of frequencies up to 40 kHz.
When using an analogue voltmeter which is unsuitable for measuring alternating voltages of frequencies up to 40 kHz additionally required:
1018750 Ultrasonic Adapter Lead

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